The Phosphorus Bombs – …Against You! (self-released)

I feel really bad for only just getting around to this, as it came out a good few months back. But yeah, a very much welcome return to the fray from this Sydney powerhouse. If you’ve been reading this piece a’ shoite (as my Irish ancestors and current distant relations might say) for any length of time, you will doubtless be aware that I fucking love this band.

In my experience, these guys are yet to disappoint me. I think what really makes these guys stand out to me is the utter lack of pretension. Each recording is a total love letter to classic skate punk and cross-over, and each outing brings something new to the table and sounds fresh, without deviating very far from the standard formula of old school Bad Religion meets RKL.

This time out, the sound starts to take on elements of I suppose a crossover-thrash kind of sound. Recalling for example the edgy feel of Cro-Mags and Municipal Waste, but leaving the bulk of the metal element at the door. I’d not quite say these guys are sticking more to the path trodden by Propagandhi on their most recent three offerings, but I guess maybe producing a sound more akin to a savage version of No Fun At All.

Anyways. It’s good this. These lads properly seem to have their heads screwed on properly, and time after time produce socially conscious and politically relevant lyrical content and marry it to abrasive yet tuneful, hard and fast music. I think if ever there has been a time for making a hard hitting point and presenting it in an intelligent and energetic manner, then it’s most definitely the current era. Which makes me question why total softs like American Football insist on releasing simpering dross for utter bedwetters. Wherever you are, remember fuck the right wing always, and don’t tolerate bigotry of any kind – especially if you feel like you can intervene without getting your brain panned in. Tony of Nurgle rating: 10/10; despite the strange decision to include a couple of brass arrangements.

This is up for download on bandcamp (as is usual for these lads) on a name your price basis.

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