Punk record shops & distros

It’s helpful to know where to go to look for some new sides, innit. So I thought it would be helpful to have a bit of a directory of punk record shops and distros. If you are reading this, and you run one and it isn’t listed, please get in touch, like I’ll add it.

    UK Distros

Different Kitchen Records – A distro and label operating out of darkest Cambridgeshire. Carries No Idea Records stuff, plus a whole bunch of other cool stuff from labels like Dirt Cult, Dead Broke Rekerds and the like. Reliable and reasonably priced. Often has a sale going or special offers on too. Label puts out decent stuff as well.
Different Kitchen webstore
Different Kitchen bandcamp
Different Kitchen Records Facebook

Brassneck Records – a distro and label operating out of Cardiff, Wales since 2010. Carries trad pop punk stuff, skate punk stuff and classic hardcore from labels such as Fat Wreck Chords, Rad Girlfriend and so on. Again, reasonably priced, and the label puts out great stuff too.
Brassneck Records webstore
Brassneck Records bandcamp
Brassneck Records Facebook

Silent Kill Records – new(ish) and steadily expanding distro running out of Cardiff as of 2021. Carries Dischord, Dirt Nap, Dirt Cult, Dead Broke Rekerds, Static Shock and loads more at reasonable prices.
Silent Kill Records webstore
Silent Kill Records Facebook

Drunken Sailor Records – based out of Stoke, another distro and label. Carries loads of underground punk rock / power-pop / garage punk / hardcore and post-punk at very reasonable prices. Label is great and has a whole raft of releases out there. “Records to POGO to M8.”
Drunken Sailor webstore
Drunken Sailor bandcamp
Drunken Sailor Records Facebook

Prejudice Me – Small DIY label & distro based in Manchester that helps fund community projects and radical causes.
Prejudice Me webstore
Prejudice Me Facebook

TNS Records – distro, zine and label based in Manchester, from some of the people behind Manchester Punk Festival. Mainly specialising in UK based stuff from across the spectrum. Probably might’ve released records by your mates’ band at some point!

From Facebook: “TNS Records is a Manchester based independent record label. TNS (That’s Not Skanking) was founded in 2003 as a fanzine and to put on local gigs. In 2008 TNS evolved to include a record label with the aim of supporting great underground Punk & Ska.”
TNS webstore
TNS Records bandcamp
TNS Facebook

All In Vinyl – another distro and label worth checking out. Carries a range of stuff from Red Scare Industries, It’s Alive and more. Not the biggest distro out there, but have a nice range at decent prices.
All In Vinyl webstore
All In Vinyl bandcamp
All In Vinyl Facebook

Land of Treason – a very well respected distro based in Dorset. Carries lots of hardcore punk and crust, plus a bunch of stuff from Epitaph, Discord and a bunch of other labels, plus lots of punk books. All at a decent enough price too.

From Facebook: “Land Of Treason began a long time ago. Pete Waterman helped me start it up. But he doesn’t know this. My first record stall was at a music festival in Bradford at the 1 in 12 Club, and I sold the stock from the shop from which I had recently been given the sack (the public were no longer interested in buying guitar music… said Waterman on becoming the owner of a well-known record shop/label based in the North West of England) This was 1993. I ran a DIY punk distro under his unknowing patronage for a further ten years. This irony still pleases me. Then I took a big break to do other things, some music related, some not. At the start of 2018 Land Of Treason was recussitated. Why? Why not…”
Land of Treason webstore
Land of Treason Facebook

Urinal Vinyl – based in Norwich. Vinyl only punk rock distro and label, DIY stylee! Hardcore, anarcho, crust etc.

From Facebook: “Urinal Vinyl started with the aim of promoting vinyl on the punk scene, and facilitating its purchase and availability. Distribution for bands, sold at gigs, thereby avoiding ever increasing postal costs, with all profits (?!) being put to use in putting out more releases on vinyl, especially for bands that would never be able to do it themselves. Please get in touch if you have vinyl you would like me to stock and sell for you, or if you’re interested in pressing some vinyl up, re-releasing a CD on vinyl, or possibly featuring on a compilation. The whole thing is being run on a shoestring, out of a public lavatory, so don’t expect too much and you won’t be too disappointed.”

Urinal Vinyl webstore
Urinal Vinyl Facebook

Pumpkin Records Based in Manchester, running a label, distro, annual festival and podcast. Stocks varied stuff from crust and D-beat to dubs.
Pumpkin Records webstore
Pumpkin Records Facebook
Pumpkin Records bandcamp

Kibou Records – based in Suffolk, a label and distro. Political hardcore punk, crust, D-beat etc.

Kibou Records webstore
Kibou Records Facebook
Kibou Records bandcamp

Boss Tuneage Records – based in Northumberland. 30 years in and still going strong. Label and distro. From Facebook: “Boss Tuneage formed in Aston’s bedroom early in 1990 with the release of the Goober Patrol / Vehicle Derek split 7″. 20 years on and over 270 releases later, the label has moved as far afield as the dining room and shed, still determined to bring quality music and quality releases to those people who still like to buy music!”

Boss Tuneage webstore
Boss Tuneage bandcamp
Boss Tuneage Facebook

Static Shock Records – a label and distro operating out of a bedroom in London.
Static Shock Records webstore
Static Shock Records Facebook

Horn & Hoof Records – “The ethos behind Horn & Hoof is unity, to help promote and bolster the DIY scene, working with other bands and labels from the UK and Europe. Stocking everything from skate punk, to ska and hardcore. We’ve put out a multi label fundraising compilation and put on charity events. more to come from the Horn & Hoof Family, and that’s how we see everyone we work with…family weather it’s put out through our label or taken as stock to sell, everyone we work with becomes part of the Horn & Hoof family. If you feel like supporting us and the bands then please head over to our store and pick up a record or CD, we only charge postage on one item.”


Missing the Point DIY Punk Distro Distro and label stocking crust, D-Beat, DIY hardcore, anarcho and all that caper.
Missing the Point website
Missing the Point Facebook

Crackle Records – Punk record label and mailorder based in Yorkshire since at least the early 1990s.
Crackle webstore
Crackle Facebook
Crackle bandcamp

Ante Up Distro – a UK based Hardcore and Punk Record Distro/Store. “Bringing you the best in new and old records from the world over.” Some great stuff available on here.
Ante Up Distro website

Strictly No Capital Letters – A UK based record distro associated with the Collective Zine website and forums. Has been running since, 2001. Stock lots of vinyl and cds, mostly emo, punk, hardcore and indie but sometimes other stuff.
SNCL website

Dog Knights – a label and distro based in both the UK and Germany I think?
Dog Knights distro website

Lockjaw Records another label and distro.
Lockjaw webstore

    UK Record Shops (by city)

Andy’s Records
– New and used vinyl records and new CDs. Huge range of classic titles. “This is a serious record shop so just assume we have it, ok?” I’m reliably informed that they stock punk, and will take stuff from DIY labels on a sale / return basis.
Buy online at www.andys-records.com
Address: 16 Northgate Street, Aberystwyth, SY23 2JS

Vinyl Underground Records – only been open a couple of years, and held by locals to be a great addition to a post-industrial working class town still struggling to pick itself up off it’s arse since Thatcher pretty much killed the town. Anyway, there’s a punk section, a metal section and a couple of indie sections. Not the best prices in the world, but far from the worst. If you go, have a good dredge through all the above mentioned sections as I’ve found stuff can be pigeonholded incorrectly. Can be hit and miss depending on what they’ve had sold to them, but my mate Lee from This Is Not A Drill assures me it definitely has it’s moments.
Vinyl Underground Records Facebook
Address: 3 Regent St, Barnsley S70 2EG

Punker Bunker – long running record store in Brighton owned by local hero Buz Bunker. “A tiny basement punk rock shop selling tiny punk rock label releases to tiny punk rock people.” This place was great when I last went a number of years ago; still running.
Address: 34 Sydney Street, Brighton, BN1 4EP

Specialist Subject Records – these cats run a record label and a bricks and mortar record shop in Bristol. Specialising in the broad spectrum of punk rock and indie rock, with stuff available new and second hand. Their website is kept up to date with current new stock, and the second hand stuff can be ordered from their Discogs page. I can’t recommend this place enough. I’ve never actually set foot in there, but the mail order service is bang on.

Ed’s Attic Music Store
– “Based in Caerphilly Indoor Market. We Stock old, new and rare 7″ vinyl, LP’s as well as CD’s / DVD’s just contact me if you are looking for something in particular. We also have rare signed stuff as well as photographs and posters of different bands in stock. We now stock Guitar Accessories including Guitar Picks, Straps, Strings and Leads. We Serve Cardiff, Pontypridd and Newport Customers on a regular basis.” I’m reliably informed that they stock punk, and will take stuff from DIY labels on a sale / return basis.
Facebook page
Address: 5 Pentrebane Street, Caerphilly, CF83 1FR

D’Vinyl Records – Second-hand record store selling: pre-owned vinyl, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, T-shirts and books.
Facebook page
Address: 4 Mackintosh Place, Cardiff, CF24 4RQ

Kellys Records – Wales’ Largest Vintage Vinyl Record & CD Shop. Apparenty has a huge selection of second hand vinyl and manages to get hold of a lot of rare stuff.
Address: Cardiff Market, Cardiff, CF10 1AU

Spillers Records – “The Oldest Record Shop in the World”, are apparently great to work with and very supportive of local bands and labels.
Address: 27, The Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF

Evil Eye Vinyl – second hand vinyl at a fair price. There’s a punk and hardcore section conveniently located next to the stoner/doom and metal/thrash sections in this hidden gem. I’ve picked up some awesome stuff in here. I’m just sad I don’t get to Harrogate very often. The guy that runs this place (whose name I cannot remember – sorry mate) is well sound, and has a very luxurient flowing beard. Always a good sift, and always a friendly, knowledgeable chat to be had.
Facebook page for Evil Eye Vinyl
Address: The Ginnel, Harrogate, North Yorkshire Tel: 07817 952508. NOTE: currently looking for new premises after Covid 19 forced shut down, but trading via eBay…

Terminal Records – sells new and used Vinyl, CDs & cassettes.
Facebook page
Address: Unit 25 Courtyard Shops, Swansquare, Haverfordwest SA61 2AN

Grind & Groove – a record and coffee shop in Keighley, West Yorkshire, specialising in Vintage Vinyl sales/sourcing. Selling all genres of original, rare, first press & collectable vinyl. Also stocking hardware – Turntables, speakers, amps.
Address: 59b Cavendish Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 3RL

Noiseisforheroes – second hand vinyl at a fair price. There’s a hardcore punk section in the window, and another couple of crates of Fat Wreck / No Idea style stuff at the righthand end of the counter. There are also 7in punk records midway along the counter. Seekers of heavier stuff, there is a section in the island at the centre of the shop. Noiseisforheroes Facebook page
Noiseisforheroes Discogs page
Address: 75A Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BR

All Ages Records – long running DIY punk shop in Camden since 2003. New and second hand stuff available.
Address: 27A Pratt St, Camden Town, London NW1 0BG

Banquet Records – long running independent record store in Kingston Upon Thames, about 20 mins out from London Waterloo on the train. Has a reasonably extensive punk section. I think this place arose from the Beggar’s Banquet indie label or something. “Banquet is an independent record shop in Kingston, just on the outskirts of London. We’re a real record shop run by real people.”
Address: 52 Eden Street, Kingston, Surrey, KT1 1EE

Diverse Vinyl – “Diverse Music opened in Newport in 1988, got bigger, then smaller again, and now we’re settled in a small but friendly unit at number 10 Charles Street. We mainly sell vinyl. New, old, reissued and audiophile. Some CDs, local stuff and tickets too.”
Facebook page
Address: 10 Charles Street, Newport

Kriminal Records – Dean is something of a local legend and has had to leave his premises on Newport Market: “At this time my shop is not open, due to reverb of the building and contract, more like ultimatum , so contact me directly please for info on buying and selling vinyl, mobile number 07875386597 , or Facebook“. He is however doing mailorder.

SK1 Records – a decent second hand selection in a small section, but like a huge number of general/second hand record shops it can be hit and miss.
SK1 Records Facebook page
Address: 17 Little Underbank, Stockport, SK1 1LA

Hellraiser Records – Stockist of official merch for metal / rock / film / comic book type stuff. Music on vinyl and CD.
Facebook page
address: 64 bishop gate walk – The Ridings centre, Wakefield

Wah Wah Records – Independent record shop. Selling new and used vinyl, cd’s and cassettes. Hosting in store performances and generally supporting all things music. “Wah Wah Records opened 01.04.2014 on Brook street which is just round the corner from the 24 hour gym on Trinity Walk in Wakefield. We stock mainly vinyl but also cd’s,tote bags, t shirts and tapes. We participate in Record Store Day and have regular in store live music.”
Facebook page
Address: 15 Brook Street, Wakefield, WF1 1QW

Winsford (Cheshire) – an independent record shop and coffee joint. Apparently the owner is a massive metalhead and gets loads of good stuff in…
Address: The Electric Church, Birtwhistle Buildings, Over Square, Winsford CW7 2JP
Facebook page