Vicious Dreams – s/t (Brassneck Records / Swamp Cabbage Records / GC Records, 2020)

This is unfortunately a bit later than I’d hoped or planned, but so it goes. Motivation has seemingly gone out of the window again already, due to the strains of the doldrum days of lockdown and toddler induced lack of sleep.

But, nobody is interested in my tedious little life, which I am certain is no more nor less tedious than thine own tedious, and doubtless odious little lives.

Vicious Dreams describe themselves as a powerpop punk trio, and hail from the fairy tale kingdom of Orlando, Florida. They already have several 7in releases under their collective belt. This self-titled LP is their first full length, and is a split release from Brassneck in the UK and GC and Swamp Cabbage in the US.

These guys kind of sound like what I used to imagine Sheer Mag might sound like prior to actually listening to Sheer Mag. Sheer Mag, however, are rubbish, and sound like a bogus version of Thin Lizzy. Vicious Dreams on the other hand are great; and they don’t sound anything like Sheer Mag.

What I’m put in mind of here in particular is a kind of rock n’ roll sounding chimaera made up from the genetic material of Buzzcocks and The Teen Idols. There’s those lovely barbed, jagged guitars woven round some lovely girl/boy vocal interplay and harmonising.

You may recall that Bundie recently reviewed the Houseghost LP. Although I can’t be certain I actually remembered to post it up. Anyway, I think that’s dead good. Bundie got a bit lost amongst the pumpkins though. What I’m trying to say is probably that this is something you need in your life if you like Houseghost. There’s a similar feel, although without so much of a cheap horror movie vibe. Also if you can imagine an edgier version of Dog Party, that kinda works too. Tony of Nurgle rating 8.5/10

You can get this from Brassneck Records on black vinyl (because the clear ones have long gone).

Find out more on the Vicious Dreams bandcamp page

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