Video premiere: Moral Mazes – Illinoise By Numbers (Little Rocket Records / Rad Girlfriend Records)

Apathy and Exhaustion in association with Little Rocket Records (UK) and Rad Girlfriend Records (US) is proud to present the European premiere of the new video from Moral Mazes, entitled Illinoise By Numbers. The track is lifted from the band’s new 7in, which is released today.

As I’m quite pushed for time today due to work and childcare commitments, and also need to find the time to screech and yell incoherently into the existential void of Lockdown version 2.0, I’m going to take the bold step of rerunning my review of the 7in from the other week:

Ooh. Another “supergroup”. But fear not, it’s a good ‘un. And featuring people of astonishing pedigree such as Jeff Dean (The Bomb, Airstream Futures, All Eyes West and loads more), and J Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Government Issue). Yeah, dude. Impressive roster, right?

This is the three-pieces’ second 7in, following on from Magic Tommy Jackson which came out via Bridge Nine Records, and featured Jonah Matranga (Far, New End Original etc.) on vocals. I’m told that record is rare as rocking horse shit, but I’ve yet to test the theory… Each time around, the idea is to use a different vocalist, so this time out the vocal is provided by Michael Feerick (Amusement Parks on Fire).

So what can you expect here? Call it proper emo, call it post hardcore, whatever. Anyways, if you can take Texas is the Reason meets Elliott and squeeze it through a potato ricer of I dunno, shoegaze / dream pop? Let’s say Slowdive, then you are going to basically end up with something like this. Kind of floaty, kind of ethereal, but still a huge sound propped up by a solid backline. I think this is very much worthy of your attention. It’s out on 6th November. Tony of Nurgle rating 9/10

As a special treat, I’m going to also add in here the ordering information because I was clearly too stupid to remember to do so when I published the sodding review the first time… Anyway, it’s available in the UK / EU from Little Rocket Records on a variety of colour vinyl options (Pink, Olive Green, Topaz & Coffee), with the first 200 copies of the 500 pressed coming with a seperate inlay. US people will want to be checking out the Rad Girlfriend Records store to get a hold of theirs…

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