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If you’re as old as me, lived in Manchester circa 2004-08 and were into punk then you’ll have likely frequented Roadkill Records (co-run by our very own Tony!)

They ran a music exchange where you dropped a mix tape or CD in a box and took one away with you. Some had detailed, hand drawn decoration, others came with accompanying letters and some were straight to the point no frills. Most carried an email or msn username so you could (if you wanted) contact the person after you’d listened to what they thought was good music.

I still remember my experience of it. I picked up a mix tape from someone I’m still friends with now. It had anime stickers on it and a track listing including Melt Banana and Devo. I made an aforementioned heavily decorated CD with Cyndi Lauper and Ryan Adams which an unsuspecting punk ended up with (and loved I might add). Again that sparked a friendship and the swapping of many more CDs.

So, as I was reminiscing about these days gone by and thinking how everyone is stuck at home eager to be entertained; I thought why not resurrect it?!

Tony was on board, so here we are! If you’d like to get involved here’s what to do:

1. Create a Spotify playlist. It can be your fave songs, obscure covers, themed for a banging BBQ, soundtrack for the best ever lockdown disco, or quintessential songs to listen to in the bath. Whatever your jam is and all musical genres are welcome! We’d advise an ideal length of 20 tracks but obviously, you do you.

2. Email the playlist link, whatever details you would like to share with the recipient (your name, a bit about you, why you picked certain songs etc.) and note if you consent to your email address being shared with them to: thatswhatfisaid@gmail.com

3. Submissions are open throughout June and then we will divvy them up and send all the playlist links and notes out at the end of the month!

Get involved, do your worst (actually don’t, please do your absolute best, things are crap enough right now) and we hope to hear from you all soon!

Please share the post on Instagram, tag us in your posts and stories using @apathy_and_exhaustion_blog #apathymusicexchange and let’s see how far we can spread this…

Fiona is a 30 something living in Manchester and working in London whilst attempting to balance a busy social life, being a cat mum and keeping fairly sane. With a (wasted?) Journalism degree, an unhealthy dose of narcissism and access to social media, she had all she needed to set up her own blog covering lifestyle, beauty, food & travel at www.thatswhatfisaid.co.uk and @thatswhatfisaid on Instagram. But writing about music was always her first love, so in a (mostly unsuccessful) attempt to make sure she doesn’t exclusively listen to punk and emo from 1992-2004 she has dipped her toe back into the pool. Current faves: Erica Freas, Martha, Fresh Classic faves: Descendents, Get up Kids, Rancid

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