Corner Boys – Waiting for 2020 (Drunken Sailor Records, 2019)

I feel like I start these reviews with statements like “those of you that were paying attention back in 201x year may remember my review of previous offering ‘blah’ by Band in Question” or some shit. Well, here we go again. Like Groundhog Day, but probably not funny at all, and with no Bill Murray, and no groundhog (I love you, Punxsutawney Phil).

Long story short, I reviewed some stuff by Corner Boys a couple of years ago. But nobody read this blog then, so it’s probably a wasted statement. Some people with less taste than sense seem to read this site nowadays though. So here’s a link in case you can be arsed to look.

Anyway, Corner Boys are from Vancouver, which I suppose makes them Vancouvians, British Columbia-ites or Racoon-Men or some shit. They play upbeat power-pop goes trad pop punk. And it is rather excellent. Waiting for 2020 is their second LP, and follows on from their previous LP on Dirt Cult Records (which I haven’t reviewed I’m sure you will be relieved to find out), which is called ‘Love Tourist’. Although you should check it out if you dig on this.

Seemingly, these boys from the corner have a particular talent for ensnaring the unsuspecting passerby with their barbed yet saccharine hooks. What more can you ask for on a summer’s afternoon than two minute bursts of cynical, irreverent, tongue in cheek wonderment and acerbic self-deprecating wit?

People that are more clued in than me (i.e. Will Fitzpatrick for example) have checked stuff like The Pointed Sticks and The Undertones already. To me, I’m feeling some sort of circle-jerk with Jilted John, Elvis Costello and the Buzzcocks getting some kind of golden shower from The Marked Men. Long story short, this is fucking magnificent, and quite possibly the feel good record of the summer, if you ask me.

Tony of Nurgle rating: 10/10.

Available from Drunken Sailor Records on mustard or black vinyl

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