Slumb Party – Happy Now (Drunken Sailor Records, 2018)

Wow. I’m almost speechless. What the actual fuck IS this? I mean, what’s going on? This sounds like the Easter Bunny being bludgeoned to death by a pack of dildo-wielding psychotic clowns. It’s the stuff of nightmares made real. I shit you not.

Slumb Party are from Nottingham, and this is their second release, following on from their 7in (released through a German imprint called Erste Theke Tontrager). I suppose this would be classified as some kind of smart-arse post-punk or something. Well, at least as far as the main core of this goes.

When I first put this on, I thought somebody was blowing into a kazoo. I later revised this thinking to a saxophone so dented it had become de-tuned (if such a thing is possible), before reverting back to thinking “nah mate, it’s a kazoo”. On further investigation, it seems that it is indeed a saxophone of some sort. Just so we are clear, almost everyone knows there are only three saxophone songs:

1. Careless Whisper (bad)
2. Baker Street (bad)
3. The Theme from Animal Hospital (great)

All I can tell you is the incessant tooting is as annoying as fuck, and in my opinion seriously detracts from what, as far as I can tell, would be some pretty decent post-punk type stuff with a heavy leaning toward the territory of The Talking Heads meets The Minutemen. In fact, the voice of the singer reminds me a lot of that of David Byrne. This record serves as a perfect example of something that would otherwise be totally acceptable being ruined by a band agreeing to let someone make a deplorable and purposeless fucking din over the top of it in the name of art, or some shit. I’d go so far as to say this reminds me of that film with Edward Norton and Robin Williams, Death to Smoochy, in which a mafia Don’s ogre-sized ex-enforcer son becomes rendered a simpleton, and ends up as part of a kids’ TV show dressed as a furry rhino and dances about smashing the bejesus out of a fucking triangle in the name of percussion. Although in that particular case, the inclusion of said individual came with the threat of implied violence if said individual was not allowed to take part… But yeah, it’s as if this lot checked the local village idiot was available to come down the studio and ruin their album.

I can imagine this suiting fans (hipsters) of other creators of a utterly pointless and horrendous racket such as Lightning Bolt, Hella and the like down to the ground. In my opinion: this is outrageously hideous. Tony of Nurgle rating: 2/10. However, minus the sax, I would guess it could’ve scored a 7.5/10. Sadly we will never know.

You can of course make your own judgement on this via the player below:

It’s available from Drunken Sailor on a choice of clear or black vinyl


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    What the fuck do you know. Prick

    1. One guy’s opinion. which they are entitled to. Get over yourself. If you can’t take criticism, particularly humourously delivered criticism, you shouldn’t be releasing music into the wilds of the wider world. Get yer head felt.

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