Mammoth Grinder – Cosmic Crypt (Relapse, 2018)

After a five year absence since their last full length (Underworlds), Mammoth Grinder return to the frontline with their fourth full length record, Cosmic Crypt. Led into battle by front man Chris Ulsh (Power Trip, Impalers) plus newly recruited members Mark Bronzino (Iron Reagan) and Ryan Parish (Ex Darkest Hour, Iron Reagan) this power trio combines the best parts of crust-laden thrash, Discharge-esqe D-beat and old school death metal, injected with a huge amount of no fucking around.

Before getting to the music, you’ve simply got to sit in awe of the album cover. Conjured up by maestro Joe Petagno (Motorhead, Pink Floyd, Autopsy) the album itself is worth a look purely on that basis. It truly is a magical piece of work, reminding you of all the killer classic albums covers from way back when. Almost like its paying homage to the very albums Mammoth Grinder are paying tribute to themselves.

Anyway, back to the music. From the get go, Cosmic Crypt is an absolute animal of a record. On every track, Mammoth Grinder throws killer riff after killer riff after killer riff at you. Ranging from the mid-tempo stomp introduction of Divine Loss to the all out thrash assault of Superior Firepower, each song is a sure fire, circle pit inducing mosh-athon.

Each track goes for the jugular from the start, and then fucks off before outstaying its welcome. Whilst a lot of thrash albums tend to blur into one big slab of a riff induced comatose state, Cosmic Crypt is not blighted by this in the slightest. Across all eleven tracks, Mammoth Grinder keep it fresh and invigorating, with an all killer no filler approach to their material. The best thing about Cosmic Crypt being that homage to that classic sound of yesteryear, whilst putting their own stamp on it and even pushing it towards greater heights.

With Cosmic Crypt, Mammoth Grinder have surprised everyone by releasing one of the best metal albums of the year so far. If you like your metal with mammoth size riffs, stinking of stale beer, draped in bullet belts and patch covered denim, you’ll definitely need this record in your life.


You can get this on CD, LP or download from the Mammoth Grinder bandcamp page

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