Dead Broke Rekerds, New York – an introduction (part 1)

So, crazily enough I decided I would do a feature on Dead Broke Rekerds, an awesome label from Long Island, New York. And when I was discussing this with Dead Broke Rekerds guru, Mike, we somehow cooked up the idea that I’d do a retrospective of the stuff they’d put out over the last year or so.

I had no idea there was so much stuff. There were 16 releases, 2 of which Clara has taken on, so I decided I was gonna do the rest. In alphabetical order. In several instalments. Primarily because I’m a fucking idiot, but also because I lack any degree of imagination. Hold on to your hats, folks…

Adult Magic – s/t EP
These guys are from Long Island, New York. They self-identify as an alt-punk band featuring members of Iron Chic, Broadcaster, Crow Bait, Sister Kisser & more. Cool beans, yo.


I think I was kind of expecting this to sound exactly like Iron Chic. Although it sounds, to me, a lot like The Weakerthans meets Beach Slang. It has that hard to define quality of having quite an uplifting sound to it, but coupled with almost mournful inward looking lyrics. The embodiment of early onset middle-aged ennui, perhaps? We all suffer from that if we are honest.


They seem to have captured that Jets To Brazil kinda vibe as a more or less overarching feel. The third track, Shrimpkiss surprised me by having an almost AC/DC style intro. The final cut, Hanging onto Ghosts is the standout track for me, and it also sounds a bit like Able Baker Fox. I’m digging this.
Guess what? You can go dig it too, by listening on bandcamp here

You buy this hog from Dead Broke, but I couldn’t find it in their store. Email them, Mike’ll sort you out!

Casual – s/t LP
A bit of background, first of all. This crew are straight out of a small town in New Jersey called Flemington, the home of the US phlegm mining industry. True story, brah. This record is more your straight-up melodic punk kinda deal – think 24 Hour Revenge Therapy era Jawbreaker, and The Shorebirds (a pre-Latterman band – track down their LP, It’s Gonna Get Ugly – it’s totally awesome, by the way).


In places, this record somehow captures that awesome guitar tone that Stiff Little Fingers had on Inflammable Material back in 1978, as well as a rowdy, befuddled Billy Reese Peters vibe (circa Almost Heaven). I’m also put in mind of Basement Benders, Spraynard, and early Descendents. You can expect themes such as boredom, drugs, more boredom, addiction, and obsession with Magic: The Gathering. All relevant subjects for the yoof of today, I think you’ll find.


I’m already developing something of a fondness for this opus, which really finds its feet in the second and third thirds. Stand out tracks for me are Pot Hole and of course, the fantastic Doing Business (which weirdly reminds me of Kids in America by Kim Wilde, as covered by Lawnmower Deth, who made the most hilarious and cheap video ever).

Stream this shiz here

Buy the LP here

Caves – Leaving


For those not familiar, Caves are a fast and furious, female fronted melodic punk band. They are very good. They are very loud. Indeed, they are Bristol (UK)’s favourite daughter and sons. It seems to me that most folks in the UK probably know Caves by now. They’ve been around a few years already…

Singer / shredder Lou Hanman used to front a band called Flamingo 50, from back in the day. They were based out of Liverpool (UK), and were also pretty good. I think you can still pick up some of their stuff through Drunken Sailor Records.


I first remember seeing Caves at a basement do at the original Albany Road punk house in Chorlton, Manchester. I remember thinking Lou had an amazing voice with so much weight, power and passion behind it. I’m fairly convinced Well Wisher played as well, but that could have been a totally different night. Everybody was always ruined at those shows, so no wonder I can’t remember… It was in 2008/9 though. And it was snowing. Pretty sure somebody got lost. And one of our other writers, Carpet, got mugged by ‘some lads’ on his way home. Somebody else with a functioning brain will be able to clarify this! I’m almost convinced it’s not nonsense.

This record, Leaving was originally released late 2014. In case you missed this the first time around, this is hooky as hell. You can rock this opus along with all the other Caves shit right here on their bandcamp page, and I do heartily recommend that you do so! Not just awesome, but rawsome.

You can pick up the 1 sided 12in (t’other side is hand-screened, and from what I’m told they look pretty sick, dude!) from my man Mike at DBR here.

There’s also a version in the UK coming out soon through Specialist Subject that you can pre-order here.

EU folks can pick up a version from Jan at Yo-Yo Records in Germany. His online store isn’t up properly yet, but he has instructions for ordering on his site:

Chandeli’ers – Breaker
This is Chandeli’ers first full-length album. They are from Brooklyn, New York, and feature ex-members of Ringers, The Besties, World Inferno Friendship Society amongst others.


I’ll level with you, though. I’m not totally sure what to make of this one. Kinda indie rock meets punk n’roll meets power pop? Female fronted. She has a nice voice. Sadly, not my bag, personally, but I can see a fair few peeps that I know digging this.

I don’t want to say too much more about this. This is primarily as I don’t know much about this type of stuff. But, if you like stuff like Elvis Costello, Teen Idols, and general power pop stuff, I’d suggest this is probably worth your time. The artwork is also very cool, particularly, as we are in the run up to Halloween. So, er, what I suggest is that you check it out on bandcamp here and decide for yourself.


And if you like it, pick one up on blue vinyl (hurry, as there’s only like 7 left as I type this) from DBR Mike here.

So, er, join me again, soon for part 2 of this run down of loads and loads of records!

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