The Celetoids – Pupal Stage 12″

Never heard of The Celetoids? Don’t worry mate, they’re from Croatia. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Although, once you hear this latest slice of awesome from Drunken Sailor Records, like me, you’ll wish you’d been in on the secret like, a couple of years ago or something. It’s good stuff, mate. I know bollock all about these guys, but I’m keen to find out more.

In order to avoid any further delay on this shit rocking your world, hit play on the player below, playah…

This sounds like everything that is enduringly great about the early 80s hardcore scene in the USA (I’m particularly put in mind of the Adolescent’s s/t debut album here). Not to mention everything that was obnoxious about bands in the UK scene during the same period (e.g. the UK Subs and GBH). In typical Drunken Sailor Records fashion, this is all underpinned by your usual snotty, bratty Ramones influenced sound.

So we now have a pretty good idea what these guys sound like. What are they going on about then? According to Juice, the lyrics read like “ramblings about Max Headroom, gremlins, paranormal activities, suicide, worthlessness of the human species and general paranoia”. He’d also recommend it for fans of The Marked Men and Neon Piss. I dunno about you, but that’s pretty much all I’ve been asking for in life. Well, maybe not, but maybe I wasn’t aware. Anyways, yeah, I’ll take it…

These 8 songs are a decent slice of good, jagged yet honest fun if you ask me. It’s a re-issue of a very limited tape, by the way. Top cuts for me are probably Suicide Pact, Water Makes Me Sick, and Must be the Gremlins.

You can get this from Drunken Sailor here. You can get it on standard black, limited edition blue, or for the unicorn fanciers amongst you, limited edition ‘glitter sleeve’.

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